Iwi, Infrastructure and Investment – a comprehensive guidebook prepared for Iwi and Māori organisations that includes content on

  • Infrastructure opportunities – a discussion on New Zealand’s infrastructure landscape, its relevance to Iwi Māori and the potential opportunities emerging for Iwi to consider;
  • Public private partnerships – a guide to transactions and deals with a specific focus on infrastructure assets, how PPPs work in that context, the roles Iwi can play in PPPs and the capabilities and technical matters that need to be considered to transact an investment;
  • Commercial entities – a description of the entities and models Iwi can use to collaborate with each other;
  • Case Studies– an overview of some recent examples of inter-iwi collaboration and PPP experiences of Iwi organisations.

Iwi, Infrastructure and Investment – Resource Guide – which is a summary version of the guidebook above;

Iwi, Infrastructure and Investment – Wānanga Materials – the presentations and reference material prepared for the wānanga at Tapu Te Ranga Marae, which covers the material included in the guidebook above, as well as further material on;

  • Asset Classes – an overview of the different infrastructure asset types with information on the risk/reward profile, international examples and New Zealand oppotunities;
  • Legal entities – which provides an overview of the commercial structures that could be used for inter-Iwi collaboration.
  • Private Sector Market Participants – which provides an overview of the key private sector players in infrastructure investment in New Zealand

Iwi, Infrastructure and Investment – Wānanga Report – which provides a summary of the presentations, discussions and recommendations at the wānanga held in August 2010 at Tapu Te Ranga marae.